Integrated Management System (IMS) Training

In a groundbreaking initiative, OrciTrials embraced IMS awareness through a transformative training session conducted by Mr. Hasib Baig, the CEO of QMS.9000 (Quality Management Systems.9000). The session, held on Wednesday, 12th July at OrciTrials, was designed to empower the team with invaluable insights.

Exploring the realms of Quality and Environmental Management Systems (QMS & EMS), Mr. Baig underscored the significance of efficiency, consistency, continuous improvement, risk mitigation, compliance, and the reinforcement of customer trust. The session illuminated Quality and Quality Assurance as fundamental pillars for achieving success in the realm of clinical trials and medical research.


This immersive training not only equipped the OrciTrials team with essential knowledge but also fostered a culture of excellence and adherence to industry standards. The commitment to efficiency, continual improvement, and a customer-centric approach were key takeaways from this session, solidifying OrciTrials’ dedication to maintaining high standards and ensuring the success of their endeavors.


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