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OrciTrials offer specialized services of Quality Assurance and Quality management to its clients to maintain GCP (Good Clinical Practice) compliance and integrity of data. Our highly qualified and experienced Quality Assurance team have worked on multiple clinical studies in collaboration with our partner in different countries like Singapore, Pakistan, UK, China, and other Asia-Pacific countries. We provide a wide range of onsite as well as remote quality assurance services starting from the process of study startup and feasibility till the completion. Our services include:


Our experienced auditors conduct audits for site qualification, project management, monitoring, study documentation (Essential Documents, Informed Consent, Source Document Verification, Investigator Logs, Safety Reports) for Phase I-IV studies, to check their compliance to the protocol and GCP; and to assure site adherence to applicable SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and Regulatory Guidelines.

Our highly experienced staff takes responsibility for coordination, scheduling, hosting, and management of regulatory inspections from an exceedingly early stage so that you do not have to worry about the inspection. We have experience hosting regulatory inspections for all major Regulatory Authorities e.g., FDA, MHRA, EMA, PMDA, KFDA, HSA, TFDA etc.

We also conduct mock inspections as preparation for regulatory inspections and training to effectively host inspection.

  • Mock Inspection
  • Preparation and Training
  • Inspection Hosting

Our highly qualified team of expert auditors have worked on different projects globally and nationally to assess all types of vendors for selection according to the needs of our clients. With an average experience of more than 15 years, we have successfully conducted vendor audits to ensure their compliance as per the given SOP and requirements.

Our team of auditors check data management systems and processes used for documentation. These are conducted to ensure that all data is validated and entered in accordance with protocol and to ensure data protection before the close-out of the study.

  • Database
  • Data Management System
  • Data Managing Process

We carry out audits for TMF documentation to ensure all the documents are properly filed/stored and verified/archived as per GCP and study plan/protocol along with the site file, for future inspections.

We work with our clients closely to cater for their project-based needs and assign our highly skilled CAPA manager per the project needs and task. We offer services relating to CAPA development, CAPA management and Root Cause Analysis. We ensure that CAPA evidence is provided, and effective actions are taken within the provided timeline along with CAPA reports to keep Sponsor/CRO updated and to identify trends and challenges.

OrciTrials standing by its motto “Spirit of Perfection” ensures to provide its partner and client with top-notch services, by maintaining quality within its team through continuously updated processes and trainings along with the quality focused environment.

Meet Our QA Experts


Jawad Gill

Quality Assurance Auditor and Trainer

“Dr. Gill shares a vast experience of more than 20 years working on Quality Management and Quality Assurance and Compliance. He has worked globally and locally with different industry leading CROs (Contract Research Organizations), big Pharma companies and Hospitals to deliver quality services”

Aqsa Zaman

Manager QA and Training

“Ms. Zaman, a Pharm-D graduate, has experience in QA department of pharmaceuticals and CRO (Contract Research Organizations) for maintaining QMS, develop and implement annual audit plan, conducting training programs, host and conduct Vendor Quality Assessment (VQA)”

Meet Our QA Partner


Yvonne Li

Quality Assurance Auditor 360CQA

Ms. Li, a Quality Assurance Professional, holds extensive experience of 18 years in Clinical Research and Auditing services compliant to GCP. Her specialty lies in Risk Management, Vendor Management and Performance Management. She has worked with multiple CROs across the globe to deliver quality compliant services in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia.

360CQA is our partner organization, a China based consulting company providing Quality Assurance and Quality Management Services. It specializes in conducting Audits based on the principles of GCP, GCLP, GVP, GDP and GMP. It has conducted more than 350 audits in 12 different countries.

OrciTrials together with its partner 360CQA, provides its clients with GCP compliant services ensuring cost effectiveness and high-quality outcomes. We provide services tailored to the needs of our clients to help them excel in the market with top-notch results.

OrciTrials together with its partner, 360 CQA, is delighted to serve you.