Training & Capacity Building

We offer general and tailor-made professional courses to meet the needs of clinical research professionals and others thinking of a career switch or looking to catalyse their career growth. Our courses employ a participatory and engaging approach in their design and delivery. We offer both, face-to-face and online courses. Our faculty is comprised of pharmaceutical industry experts, academics, and trial site leaders. We offer the following courses:


  1. Clinical Research Associate (Monitors) Training
  2. Project planning and Management
  3. Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) – Beginner & Refresher Courses
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Internal Monitors Training
  6. Data Management
  7. Clinical Research Methodology

Daanish Wasim

Business Development Executive

Mr. Wasim completed his bachelors in Biological sciences and chemistry in 2021. After that he completed his masters in Clinical Research and Epidemiology in 2022. He worked at Bellevue hospital within the CTSI program. 

Reem Mahmood

Quality Assurance Officer

Reem Mahmood is a pharmacy graduate from University of Central Punjab. A dedicated professional, she has experience of more than 2 years in Quality Assurance department of Pharmaceutical Industry. Her strength lies in self inspection, internal audits, validations, verification and monitoring of documentation of departments.

Yvonne Li

Quality Assurance Auditor

Ms. Li, a Quality Assurance Professional, holds extensive experience of 18 years in Clinical Research and Auditing services compliant to GCP. Her specialty lies in Risk Management, Vendor Management and Performance Management. She has worked with multiple CROs across the globe to deliver quality compliant services in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia.

OrciTrials together with its partner provides its clients with GCP compliant services ensuring cost effectiveness and high-quality outcomes. We provide services tailored to the needs of our clients to help them excel in the market with top-notch results. OrciTrials together with its partner is delighted to serve you.


Kamran Khan

Business Development Manager

Kamran Khan is a passionate and skilled Business Development Manager and Medical Writer at OrciTrials, a leading contract research organization (CRO) that provides clinical trial services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. He leverages his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Punjab and his business management course from King’s College London to develop and execute effective business strategies and plans that generate revenue and value for his clients and his company.

Kamran excels at identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, leading and nurturing email outreach campaigns, managing client relationships, and negotiating contracts and budgets. He also delivers high-quality medical writing services, including study protocols, research articles, blogs, and content writing. He has published on self-medication and COVID-19, and serves as a Medical Research Article Reviewer at Elsevier Journal.
With over 350 certifications from renowned international institutions, including NIDA, NASBA, PACRA, QMS 9000, Roche, FDA, Abbvie, Cochrane, CRM, The Global Health Network, WHO, Kings IDF, ADA, Diabetes UK, AHA, ACA, Kings College London, University of Leeds, Harvard, Stanford etc. Kamran is a force to be reckoned with. From clinical trials to marketing strategies, his expertise knows no bounds.