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Get Direct Access to Physicians, Patients & Data

OrciTrials provides complete solutions for fully enrolled trials and commercialisation success. We conduct the most efficient and cost-effective trials to help accelerate and optimize the process toward getting your new products to market.

We partner with a range of physicians and healthcare communities to seamlessly integrate clinical trial execution into existing workflows, with the infrastructure and expert personnel needed for faster startups.

With patient data access, we can better match your study criteria and streamline the process by preparing data for submission and regulatory compliance – ultimately saving you time and resources across your drug development program.

We pride in having the lowest site startup times in the industry and our programme management team are relentless in the execution of the trial thereafter, all the way until database lock to support you in taking products to market faster. Our average budget/contract turnaround is 3-5 days and we ensure screening activities are initiated within 5 working days of country approvals

Our site teams are ICH-GCP trained, able to utilise electronic source and well experienced in managing complex clinical trials. Our sites also have the core essential equipment to deliver research projects, plus e offer ample monitoring space to ensure sponsor teams are able to complete on site monitoring tasks with ease.

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OrciTrials represents an entirely new approach that aligns patients with their trusted community-based physician and clinical research opportunities. Contact us to discuss how we can work together.